Canadian workers to receive high-demand skills training through innovative new platform

Nov 27 , 2023
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 Canadian workers to receive high-demand skills training through innovative new p...

Today, Talent is announcing the launch of the Cybersecurity for Energy Program. The Cybersecurity for Energy Program is powered by Upskill Canada, and it is part of the first wave of partnership agreements that are taking an industry-oriented approach to supporting Canadian workers. These agreements will help thousands of workers find new careers through skills training and job placement in some of the fastest-growing industries in Canada. 

Talent’s Cybersecurity for Energy Program focuses on real-world cybersecurity situations and has been developed with leaders in Canada’s energy and cybersecurity sectors to address the critical skills gaps and risks in the energy supply chain. 

Supported by funding from Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada’s (ISED) Upskilling for Industry Initiative, more than 15,000 Canadian workers will benefit from an innovative approach to skills training. Central to the Upskill Canada initiative is the role of community training providers, who work closely with local and national employers to identify precise suites of skills being sought by industry. Equipping workers with these skills will create new career pathways for Canadians and better position Canadian companies to compete both domestically and internationally.

Quick Facts About the Program

  • 15 weeks of flexible, part-time learning (3 skills-verified courses)

  • Learning materials developed in consultation with experts from ThreatIQ, Bruce Power, Ontario Power Generation, and more

  • Participants gain access to LinkedIn Learning, career development support, and industry networking opportunities


“We’re so proud to formally launch Upskill Canada with our inaugural class of workers and training service providers. This is a big first step – but it’s only the beginning. We’re looking forward to working with our supporters in government and industry to upskill many more Canadians, so they can transition into high-demand roles in the modern workforce – and help fast-growing companies achieve their full potential.” 

Rhonda Barnet, CEO, Palette Skills, which was chosen by ISED to run the Upskill Canada initiative

“We are thrilled to be selected as one of the first training service providers working with Upskill Canada, and we believe it to be a strong endorsement from the Canadian Government on the work we’ve been doing to date. Our program aims to build workforce capability and capacity to ensure energy security for Canadians coast to coast. We look forward to welcoming the first cohort of program participants in January 2024 and expect huge demand from the sector for these diverse, job-ready cybersecurity professionals.”

Rachel Sumner, CEO, Talent


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About Talent

Talent is a Canadian company on a mission to help people make actionable and meaningful workforce transformation decisions. Founded in 2020, Talent has evolved its offerings to focus on three lines of business: Skills Intelligence, Skills-Verified Courses, and Assessments. By 2026, Talent will be Canada’s leading skills intelligence organization, working with employers in regulated industries to transform their workforce.

About Upskill Canada

Upskill Canada is a national talent platform that helps fast-growing companies access the talent they need to compete and succeed globally while creating new career pathways for workers to rapidly transition into high-demand roles. Upskill Canada will target all regions of the country and support Canadian-based employers, with a particular focus on small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). It will focus on strengthening key growth sectors, including digital technology, cybersecurity, agricultural technology, advanced manufacturing, clean technology, and biomanufacturing.

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